Advanced and affordable dental services are available for all patients with dental problems and concerns at Walter Dental. We will help you achieve the smile of your dreams by enhancing and strengthening your teeth. We understand that the needs of patients are unique, so we try our best to get to know patients, in order to address their individual needs.



  • We carryout very thorough diagnostic procedures prior to treatment. We inspect the mouth for signs of disease if there are any; we take dental photographs, dental casts and digital x-rays if necessary. We carryout all that it takes to identify the problem so that we could help you.
  • We listen to your needs, because your needs are important to us. We believe that in order to serve you best, we need to listen to you and understand you, so we devote time for you.

At Walter Dental, we believe that the right treatment is one that is perfectly matched to your specific need. Only when you are able to match the dental treatment with the need will you be able to meet true success.