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"Just went for the first time to this office and I'm not a fan of dentistry. Even though it's my own fault for not taking care of me teeth as well as I should. But this office is great! The staff is very kind and reassuring and the doctor is pretty gentle and keeps you informed as to what he's doing and is going to do. I didn't feel like I was just a patient :)"
Josh P. Covina - 2019
"This is the best dentist office I've ever been to and I've been coming to many dental offices my entire life. Everyone from the receptionist to Dr. Rong himself are extremely friendly, helpful and they actually take the time to explain different options in dental treatment. Let's face it. Nobody likes going to the dentist. So don't you want to go to one that is gentle on the gums, personable while they work and feeling like you're in good hands while you're there? If you do then Dr. Rong's dentistry is for you! Couldn't recommend it any more!"
Ralph P. Covina - 2017
"The most professional, knowledgeable, and friendliest place to go. After they took my x-rays, Dr. Rong took the time to walk me through what I was seeing and how he determined that I have the beginnings of some cavities. After that, the hygienist not only thoroughly cleaned my teeth, but also checked my glands and lymph nodes for any swelling. I was so impressed with all of the services they provided and will recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat!"
Angie A, Chino Hills - 2019

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